Welcome to the "Hades" portfolio.
Below are illustrations created for "Hades", published by Palladium Books in 2007.
Click on the images below to view the illustrations at higher resolution.

"Gargoyle Lord" "Gargoyle Mage" "Alu Demon"
"Aquatic Demon" "Baal-Rog" "Succubus"
"Banshee" "Brek-Shall" "Couril"
"Death Demon" "Demon Ant Lion" "Demon Bat"
"Demon Fly" "Gallu Demon" "Gargoyle"
"Gargoylite" "Ghoul" "Demon High Priest"
"Infernal Mastodon" "Labassu" "Lasae"
"Demon Locust" "Magot" "Netherbeast"
"Nightmare" "Night Owl" "Pit Viper"
"Psi-Hawk" "Raksasha" "Sandworm"
"Shedim" "Soulcatcher" "Taursis"

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