In April 2003, Steve Yun of engaged me to create an exclusively Robotech oriented starship size comparison chart from scratch. Being a Robotech fan of many years, I was very excited at the prospect. Each ship was completely drawn from scratch, scanned, and colored using my PC. Below are some examples, visit for the entire series!
Above is my representation of one of 7km+ Tirolian Motherships. As usual, I drew it freehand and then scanned and colored it using the computer. I love the crustacean-like 'alienness' of this vessel.
To the left is the great Zentraedi Mobile Command Base under supreme commander Dolza. This 1400km high station is both huge and strange, two attributes that keep it among my favorites. Note that this vessel differs considerably from the Zentraedi fortress portrayed in the film 'Macross: Do You Remember Love', which also appears on my 2000 meter per pixel page in Starship Dimensions. Dare to compare!.
Below is the good old Super Dimensional Fortress One, as it appeared in both Robotech, and the original Macross animated series. At the risk of a fan lynching I will admit that the SDF-1 is actually one of my least favorite ships of both series. I drew it by poular demand, and now enjoy letting the bad guys ram it.
Now these are some of my favorites: Zentraedi Battleships! Even the lowly common cruiser is twice as long as humanity's best effort. We should have gotten our butts kicked by these baddies.....
Below are some more 'good guy' ships from Robotech. Visit for a complete ship listing and descriptions of each vessel.
Note: Unlike my other pages, the ships below are NOT to scale to one another. Visit or Starship Dimensions for my interactive scale charts....

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