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Starship Dimensions is the unexpectedly popular, interactive, multi-genre, science fiction starship size comparison chart. This site has gone through many iterations over the years, and has finally found a permanent home at While most of the starship drawings that appear on the site have been contributed (or absconded) from various sources over the internet, below are some of the ships that I have drawn myself especially for Starship Dimensions. Click on each image for a print-quality high resolution version, and click here for static, printable versions of the scale charts that appear on the site....
To the right is 'Marduk Mothership' as portrayed in the anime film "Macross II". This is one of my favorite drawings, as it is one of my favorite science fiction spacecraft, something I'm not sure I shouldn't be embarassed to admit. I just like the 'alienness' of it, I think. (Even though the 'Marduk' inhabitants look about as alien as an 80's techno bar)...Click here for a high-res version
Above is my schematic for 'V'Ger' from 'Star Trek: The Motion Picture'. I actually based this drawing more on photos of the original model used in than the CG version that was presented in the new 'Director's Cut DVD, again to get as much accuracy as possible. This is one of my earlier schematics and may be re-done.Click here for a high-res version
Below is the SDF-3 'Pioneer' from the New Generation Robotech series. I had originally created this image as part of the comparison chart I developed for, but they wanted to stick with only the ships from the original series. I loved the ship though, and so inlcuded it in the Starship Dimensions page instead. I drew the ship based partly on a b&w three quarter view drawn by Kevin Long for 'Palladium Books', and I think it is up there with my favorite ships of all-time...Click here for a high-res version
To the left is the Bodolza Base from the anime movie: 'Macross: Do You Remember Love'. While the story lines and dippy characters of many of these anime films leaves a lot to be desired, the absolutely massive starships and stations were wonderful. The Bodolza base is a great example of this, very alien, huge (600km across), and yet still tangible in nature. Click here for a high-res version
To the right are schematics of the mothership from 'Independence Day' that I created for my ID4 Dimensions website. ID4 was for me an up-to-date version of the massively advanced alien ships that always invaded the world in anime and of course I loved it from the moment I saw the first commercial. I based this drawing on what I saw in the movie and a 'making of' book that I was able to get my hands on....Click here for a high-res version.
To the left are my schematics for the 'City Destroyer' from 'Independence Day'. This 24km wide ship was a work of art in the film and I did my best to reproduce it with as much accuracy and detail as I possibly could. Click here for a high-res version....
To right are various other starships that I have drawn for Starship Dimensions. Click on each ship for a higher res version.
These are many of the ships that I have re-created exclusively for the Starship Dimensions website. The ideas are not my own, but I put as much work as possible in reproducing as faithfully as possible the details that made the original ships so wonderful to begin with. Thank you for taking the time to browse my drawings, I hope you have enjoyed them, there are many more to come!

Note: Unlike my other pages, the ships below are NOT to scale to one another. Visit or Starship Dimensions for my interactive scale charts....

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