The images below are all exactly to scale, each pixel equals 10 meters a side. Internet Explorer users may Click and Drag the starships to compare them as you like. At the bottom of the image are some contemporary vehicles and buildings for reference. Have fun!

Abrasax Cruiser
Titus Abrasax Clipper from the movie "Jupiter Ascending". 3 km total length

Comet 67P, to be visited by Rosetta/Philea. Approximately 6 km total length, long axis

ASTEN Space Settlement, by Eric Yam
ASTEN Space Settlement, designed by Eric Yam. 1.7km high, 1km diameter

Imperial SUper Star Destroyer
Super Star Destroyer, 19.0km (Official), Please see for an alternate length and discussion. Image originally drawn by Chad Wilson

Eve Online Amarr Avatar
Amarr Avatar from Eve Online, 13816m long

Eve Online Gallente Erebus
Gallente Erebus from Eve Online, 14788m long

Eve Online Gallente Erebus
Caldari Leviathan from Eve Online, 18056m long

Eve Online Gallente Erebus
Minmatar Ragnarok from Eve Online, 18144m long

10mppLEXX.gif (41690 bytes)
LEXX, 10km long, adapted from official blueprints

Peacekeeper Command Carrier, 8701.429m long,
mesh created and rendered by Meurig

The Imperial Retribution Class Battleship BloodHawk, from Battlefleet Gothic, 7.5km long.
Image created by John Reed

Cobra Class Destroyer BlackSkull, from Battlefleet Gothic, 1.5km long.
Image created by John Reed

10mppswtradefederation.gif (6854 bytes)
Trade Federation battleship, originally drawn by Chad Wilson
10mppSWStarDestroyer.gif (3202 bytes)
Star Destroyer, 1.6km, originally drawn by Chad Wilson
10mppswmoncalimari.gif (2051 bytes)
Mon Calamari cruiser, 1.3km
10mppswrebelfrigate.gif (1032 bytes)
Rebel frigate, 300m


Columbia, 610m


Valley Forge
Valley Forge, drawn by Mark Dowman, 1.6km


Farscape Ships
Various ships from Farscape, longest is the PK Vigilant at 535m, images by Meurig47


Stanford Torus
Stanford Torus proposed space colony, Image provided by A. Twu

'Starplex' from the novel 'Starplex', written by Robert J. Sawyer
Diameter: 290m (main disk)

Starship Andromeda, from the "Andromeda TV series, image submitted by Neil Bond
Length: 1301m

Station V from 2001 
Diameter: 300m

Length: 385m

Length: 243.8m
Zentraedi Nupetiet-Vergnitzs
Zentraedi Nupetiet-Vergnitzs (Flagship), 4km, Originally designed by Kazutaka Miyatake, drawn by Jeff Russell
Zentreadi Quitra Queleual
Zentreadi Quitra Queleual (Tanker), 3km
Zentreadi Queadol-Magdomilla
Zentreadi Queadol-MagdomillaZentreadi Queadol-Magdomilla
Zentreadi Queadol-Magdomilla (Command ship)
Zentraedi Thuverl Salan
Zentraedi Thuverl Salan (Cruiser), 2.3km
Super Dimensional Fortress Three, 1.6km
Macross Super Dimensional Fortress One, 1.2km
Zentraedi monitor
Zentraedi monitor, 1.1km
Zentraedi scout ship
Zentraedi scout ship, 500m
Marduk flagship
Marduk flagship, 4km
Marduk scout ship
Marduk scout ship, 500m

10mppfsshivansathanas.gif (48501 bytes)
Shivan Sathanas juggernaught
10mpptitanae.gif (37466 bytes)
Titan AE
Crysis Alien Ship
Crysis Alien Ship, 3475m long

10mppepoch.gif (2482 bytes)
Epoch Torus

10mppvmothership.gif (3922 bytes)
V mothership


10mppstarshiptroopersrodgeryoung.gif (1319 bytes)
Rodger-Young from Starship Troopers


'Event Horizon', from the movie Event Horizon, approximately 2200 meters long.


Bernal Sphere
Bernal Sphere proposed space colony, main sphere 500m diameter, Image provided by A. Twu

10mppSTVothCityShip.gif (18832 bytes)
Voth City Ship, 4900m
10mppstfedspacedock.gif (43322 bytes)
Federation space dock
10mppstborgcube.gif (98792 bytes)
Borg Cube
10mppstplanetkiller.gif (7840 bytes)
Planet Killer

10mppexist.gif (2458 bytes)
Existing ships and buildings to scale

10mppstkazoncruiser.gif (7451 bytes)
Kazon warship
10mppstdeepspace9.gif (4760 bytes)
Deep Space 9
10mppstkrenimtemporalweapon.gif (4521 bytes)
Krenim temporal weapon
10mppstjemhadarbattleship.gif (4193 bytes)
Jem Hadar battlecruiser
10mppstromulandderidex.gif (3968 bytes)
Romulan D'Deridex, 1341m
10mppsthusnockship.gif (3220 bytes)
Husnock ship
10mppstsonacollectorship.gif (4844 bytes)
Son'A collector ship
10mppstsonacruiser.gif (1343 bytes)
Son'A battleship
10mppstfedjupiterstation.gif (2685 bytes)
Federation Jupiter station
10mppstspecies8472.gif (1061 bytes)
Species 8472
10mppstsmallships.gif (16069 bytes)
Smaller ships from Star Trek series
10mppstfedconstitution.gif (914 bytes)
Federation Constitution
10mppb5babylon4.gif (51509 bytes)
Babylon 4 space colony
10mppb5babylon5.gif (34950 bytes)
Babylon 5 space colony
10mppb5eacortez.gif (12791 bytes)
Cortez class explorer
10mppb5shadowdreadnought.gif (6542 bytes)
Shadow Dreadnought, 2km
10mppb5drakhcruiser.gif (5323 bytes)
Drakh cruiser
10mppb5eaposeidon.gif (5100 bytes)
Poseidon carrier
10mppb5shadowcruiser.gif (2292 bytes)
Shadow cruiser, 1km
10mppb5iavictory.gif (4667 bytes)
Victory class destroyer
10mppb5eawarlock.gif (3164 bytes)
Warlock class battlecruiser
10mppb5shadowscout.gif (1324 bytes)
Shadow scout
10mppb5iawhitestar.gif (1163 bytes)
10mppb5eaomega.gif (4215 bytes)
Omega destroyer
10mppb5vorloncruiser.gif (3278 bytes)
Vorlon cruiser
10mppb5centauribalvarin.gif (4931 bytes)
Centauri Balvarin cruiser, Babylon 5 AoG, ship designed by Mike Wikan
10mppb5eanova.gif (3012 bytes)
Nova cruiser
10mppb5narnbintak.gif (4331 bytes)
Narn Bin'Tak cruiser, 2km
10mppb5centauriprimus.gif (2391 bytes)
Centauri Primus cruiser
10mppb5eahyperion.gif (2792 bytes)
Hyperion cruiser
10mppb5narngquan.gif (2295 bytes)
Narn G'Quan cruiser
10mppb5centauricorvan.gif (4449 bytes)
Centauri Corvan cruiser, Babylon 5 AoG, ship designed by Mike Wikan
10mppb5eaearthforce1.gif (2092 bytes)
Earth Force 1
10mppb5narntloth.gif (3569 bytes)
Narn T'Loth cruiser
10mppb5centaurivorchan.gif (2056 bytes)
Centauri Vorchan cruiser
10mppb5eaolympuscorvette.gif (1297 bytes)
Olympus corvette
10mppb5narncruiser.gif (2040 bytes)
Narn cruiser
10mppb5centaurikutai.gif (1478 bytes)
Centauri Kutai class ship, Babylon 5 AoG, ship designed by Mike Wikan
10mppb5minbarisharlin.gif (7873 bytes)
Minbari Sharlin
10mppb53rdspacecruiser.gif (6514 bytes)
3rd Space cruiser, 2km
10mppb5minbaritinashi.gif (2486 bytes)
Minbari Tinashi
10mppb5lowerscale.gif (3795 bytes)
Smaller ships from Babylon 5 TV series

Island Two space colony

SHIP NAME/TYPE: Island Two space colony
LENGTH: Approximately 9km (Main habitat cylinder)
A. Twu: "Island Two is a space colony proposed by Gerard K O'Neill in his 1977 book 'High Frontier'. This was the second stage in a series of proposed NASA projects. This space station contains a main cylinder that is 1.8 km in diameter and five times as long. Mirrors reflect light into the living area in the center. At one end of the space station is a ring of farms. About 800,000 people were to live in it."
SOURCE: Image created by A. Twu