The images below are all exactly to scale, each pixel equals one square meter. Internet Explorer users may Click and Drag the starships to compare them as you like. Below are some contemporary vehicles and buildings for reference, scroll right and down for starships. Have fun!

Babylon 5 Starships
1mppb5vreexill.gif (29523 bytes)
Vree Xill 500m diameter


EA Earth Force One 425m long, mesh created and rendered by Meurig

1mppb5vreexorr.gif (12960 bytes)
Vree Xorr 350m diameter

1mppb5eawhitestar.gif (19317 bytes)
EA Whitestar 475.6m

1mppb5centaurikutai.gif (31147 bytes)
Centauri Kutai 465m (to be updated, should be 200m), Babylon 5 Agents of Gaming, ship designed by Mike Wikan

1mppB5ShadowScout.gif (16096 bytes)
Shadow Scout 356m

1mppb5drazisunhawk.gif (12820 bytes)
Drazi Sun-Hawk 450m,
mesh created and rendered by Meurig

1mppb5drakhraider.gif (10673 bytes)
Drakh Raider 215m

1mppB5VorlonTransport.gif (4775 bytes)
Vorlon Transport 131m

1mppb5raiderbattlewagon.gif (5437 bytes)
Raider battle wagon 89m

1mppb53rdspacefighter.gif (3150 bytes)
3rd Space fighter 100m

1mppb5smallships.gif (2943 bytes)
Smaller vessels from 'Babylon 5',
to view in greater detail larger images are found on the 10 ppm page
Star Trek Federation Starships
1mppSTFedSoveriegn.gif (19169 bytes)
Sovereign 685m

1mppSTFedGalaxy.gif (26736 bytes)
Galaxy 643m

1mppSTFedNiagra.gif (25465 bytes)
Niagra ??

1mppSTFedAmbassador.gif (21108 bytes)
Ambassador 526m

1mppSTFedExcelsior.gif (9005 bytes)
Excelsior 467m

1mppSTFedNebula.gif (18850 bytes)
Nebula 440m

1mppSTFedAkira.gif (16069 bytes)
Akira 440m

1mppSTFedFreedom.gif (13192 bytes)
Freedom 430

1mppSTFedPrometheus.gif (11216 bytes)
Prometheus 414m

1mppstfedchallenger.gif (16357 bytes)
Challenger 390m

1mppstfedcentaur.gif (7551 bytes)
Centaur 381m

1mppSTFedCheyenne.gif (7159 bytes)
Cheyenne 362m

1mppSTFedSteamrunner.gif (10701 bytes)
Steamrunner 355m

1mppSTFedNewOrleans.gif (8451 bytes)
New Orleans 345m

1mppSTFedIntrepid.gif (9345 bytes)
Intrepid 344m

1mppstfedwells.gif (5840 bytes)
Wells 336m

1mppSTFedNorway.gif (9360 bytes)
Norway 335m

1mppSTFedYeager.gif (10780 bytes)
Yaeger 330m

1mppSTFedOlympic.gif (18666 bytes)
Olympic 320m

1mppSTFedConstellation.gif (10518 bytes)
Constellation 310m

1mppSTFedConstitution2.gif (9099 bytes)
Constitution II 305m

1mppSTFedConstitution.gif (4910 bytes)
Constitution 289m

1mppstfednorkova.gif (10289 bytes)
Norkova 290m

1mppstfedcurry.gif (6288 bytes)
Curry 272m

1mppSTFedHoloship.gif (9304 bytes)
Holoship 247m

1mppSTFedMiranda.gif (6940 bytes)
Miranda 243m

1mppSTFedSoyuz.gif (7757 bytes)
Soyuz 243m

1mppSTFedSydney.gif (3865 bytes)
Sydney 235m

1mppstfednx.gif (3708 bytes)
NX 225m

1mppSTFedNova.gif (4085 bytes)
Nova 180m

1mppSTFedSabre.gif (4850 bytes)
Saber 172m

1mppSTVulcanTPau.gif (4534 bytes)
Vulcan T'Pau 170m

1mppSTFedOberth.gif (3200 bytes)
Oberth 120m

1mppSTFedDefiant.gif (2817 bytes)
Defiant 120m

1mppSTFedDaedalusa.gif (2189 bytes)
Daedalus 105m

1mppSTFedRaven.gif (1715 bytes)
Raven 90m

Klingon Starships
1mppSTKlingonNeghVar.gif (34258 bytes)
Klingon Negh'Var 682m

1mppSTKlingonVorCha.gif (18998 bytes)
Klingon Vor'Cha 481m

1mppSTKlingonMilitaryTransport.gif (11487 bytes)
Klingon Military Transport 256m

1mppSTKlingonD7.gif (6033 bytes)
Klingon D-7 228m

1mppSTKlingonKTinga.gif (4867 bytes)
Klingon K'Tinga 214m

1mppSTKlingonBirdofPrey.gif (4461 bytes)
Klingon Bird of Prey 109m

Cardassian Starships
1mppSTCardassianKeldon.gif (19393 bytes)
Cardassian Keldon 481m

1mppSTCardassianGalor.gif (15732 bytes)
Cardassian Galor 481m

1mppSTCardassianMilitaryFreighter.gif (12888 bytes)
Cardassian Military Freighter 256m

Romulan Starships
1mppSTRomulanBirdofPrey.gif (4245 bytes)
Romulan Bird of Prey 131m

1mppSTRomulanScienceShip.gif (1894 bytes)
Romulan science ship 95m

1mppSTRomulanScoutShip.gif (2041 bytes)
Roumlan scout ship 89m

Bajoran Starships
1mppSTBajoranFreighter2.gif (10119 bytes)
Bajoran freighter 260m

1mppSTBajoranFreighter.gif (10436 bytes)
Bajoran freighter 250m

1mppstbajoranassaultvessel.gif (2673 bytes)
Bajoran assault vessel 93m

1mppSTFerengiDKora.gif (16129 bytes)
Ferengi D'Kora 366m

1mppSTJemHadarBattlecruiser.gif (40685 bytes)
Jem'Hadar battlecruiser 650m

1mppstjemhadarattackship.gif (2489 bytes)
Jem'Hadar attack ship 95m

Other Star Trek Alien Starships
1mppSTTamarianShip.gif (30634 bytes)
Tamarian ship 700m

1mppSTPromellianBattlecruiser.gif (56823 bytes)
Promellian battlecruiser 600m

1mppSTTarellianShip.gif (23431 bytes)
Tarellian ship 560m

1mppstvidian.gif (24671 bytes)
Vidian ship 550m

1mppSTMalonExportVessel.gif (41609 bytes)
Malon Export Vessel 515m

1mppstkrenimwarship.gif (22302 bytes)
Krenim warship 500m

1mppstkrenimpatrolship.gif (11056 bytes)
Krenim patrol ship 260m

1mppstpralor.gif (38198 bytes)
Pralor vessel 450m

1mppstkaremma.gif (13272 bytes)
Karemma ship 380m

1mppstzahl.gif (18021 bytes)
Zahl ship 360m

1mppSTSonACommandShip.gif (9658 bytes)
Son'A command ship 354m
1mppstbreen.gif (6230 bytes)
Breen ship 330m

1mppstnihydron.gif (11111 bytes)
Nyhidron cruiser 310m

1mppstjaheel.gif (15341 bytes)
Jaheel's ship 300m

1mppstbatris.gif (9779 bytes)
Batris ship 290m

1mppstjovis.gif (7244 bytes)
Jovis ship 250m

1mppstmawasi.gif (7373 bytes)
Mawasi cruiser 245m

1mppsttalarianobscraft.gif (6904 bytes)
Talarian observation craft 220m

1mppstxhosa.gif (7150 bytes)
Xhosa ship 210m

1mppstwadi.gif (4596 bytes)
Wadi ship 200m

1mppststralebsecurityship.gif (6069 bytes)
Straleb security vessel 180m

1mppstkazonraider.gif (5961 bytes)
Kazon raider 160m

1mppSTMerchantman.gif (4858 bytes)
Merchantman 150m

1mppsthirogenhuntership.gif (3780 bytes)
Hirogen Hunter ship 150m

1mppstcaatati.gif (2541 bytes)
Caatati ship 116m

1mppstangosiantransport.gif (2380 bytes)
Angosian transport 110m

1mppSTHidekiShip.gif (1993 bytes)
Hideki ship 98m

1mppstsmallships.gif (3175 bytes)
Smaller vessels from 'Star Trek',
to view in greater detail larger images are found on the 10 ppm page

Farscape Starships

Moya from 'Farscape', mesh created and rendered by Meurig
Length: 650m


PK Vigilant from 'Farscape', mesh created and rendered by Meurig
Length: 535m

Talyn from 'Farscape', mesh created and rendered by Meurig
Length: 300m

Nebari Pod from 'Farscape', mesh created and rendered by Meurig
Length: 30m

Starships from 'Alien' series

Length: 385m


Length: 243.8m


UD-4L Cheyenne Dropship
Length: 25.18m


Other Starships

Serenity from 'Firefly' TV Series
Length: 63m

1mppstarshiptroopersrodgeryoung.gif (29566 bytes)
Rodger-Young from 'Starship Troopers' motion picture
Length: 550m

Plasma Bug from Starship Troopers
Plasma Bug from 'Starship Troopers' motion picture
Length: 40m+

Tanker Bug from Starship Troopers
Tanker Bug from 'Starship Troopers' motion picture
Length: 18m

Columbia Class
Battlestar Galactica 'Columbia', adapted from a schematic drawn by J. Stevenson.
Official Length: 610m, click here for an alternate length and discussion of the 'Columbia' size.

1mppswrebelmedicalfrigate.gif (4344 bytes)
Rebel Medical Frigate from 'Star Wars' episodes V and VI motion pictures
Length: 300m

1mppswrebelblockaderunner.gif (2417 bytes)
Rebel Blockade Runner (Tantive IV) from 'Star Wars' episode IV motion picture
Length: 150m

1mppswrebeltransport.gif (1260 bytes)
Rebel Troop Transport from 'Star Wars' episodes V and VI motion pictures
Length: 90m

1mpp2001discovery.gif (1110 bytes)
Discovery from '2001, a Space Odyssey' motion picture
Length: 113m

Orion from '2001, a Space Odyssey' motion picture
Length: 65m (Approximately)


1mppspace1999eagle.gif (1645 bytes)
Eagle from 'Space 1999' TV Series
Length: 68m

C-57D United Planet Starcruiser from 'Forbidden Planet'
Diameter: 51m


Opee Sea Killer from 'Star Wars: Episode I',
Length: 20m


1mppswsmallships.gif (3548 bytes)
Smaller vessels from 'Star Wars' motion pictures,
to view in greater detail larger images are found on the 10 ppm page

1mppcloseencountersmom.gif (53542 bytes)
Mothership from 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' motion picture
Diameter: 525m (main disk)

'Starplex' from the novel 'Starplex', written by Robert J. Sawyer
Diameter: 290m (main disk)

The Goa'uld Ha'Tak from Stargate, mesh created and rendered by Meurig
Length: 1km

Real Ships/Buildings Most of these images were used with permission from the fine folks at

Station V from 2001 
Diameter: 300m
Ok, not a Real ship, but look over there ->  

The International Space Station 
Length: 80m  
I thought it interesting to compare where we thought we'd be in 2001 as opposed to where we are.  Kudos to the Space Station Team.
1mppexisthindenburg.gif (5802 bytes)
The Hindenburg, built in Germany in 1936 and later destroyed
Length: 245m
1mppexistBoeing747.gif (1203 bytes)
Boeing 747
Length: 70.5m
1mppexiststealthbomber.gif (1050 bytes)
Stealth Bomber (B2-A Spirit)
Wingspan: 52.4m
1mppexiststealthfighter.gif (903 bytes)
Stealth Fighter (F-117A Nighthawk)
Wingspan: 13.2m
CN Tower Empire State Building King Kong Cloverfield Vive la France! Calgary Tower Football Field (not Cloverfield) Statue of Liberty Saturn V Rocket Space Shuttle Discovery Leaning Tower not of Pizza Stay Puft Godzilla BIG Truck In Nova Scotia, come for a visit! Yamato big ship
CN Tower
Height: 553.3m
Empire State Building
Height: 443.5m
King Kong
Height: 12.5m

Cloverfield Creature
Height: 153m

Eiffel Tower
Height: 324m
Calgary Tower
Height: 190.8m
Amercan Regulation Football Field
Length: 109.7m
Statue of Liberty
Height: 93m
Appolo Saturn V
Height: 110.6m
Space Shuttle Discovery
Height with tanks: 56.1m
Leaning Tower of Piza
Martian Tripod
Height: 40m
Stay Puft
Marshmallow Man
Height: 43m
Height: 100m
330 ton mining truck
Height: 7.5m

Peggy's Cove LightHouse
Nova Scotia
Height: 15m
Battleship Yamato, length: 263m

1mppexistbluewhale.gif (949 bytes)
Blue Whale, length: 33 m

Knock Navis (Formerly 'Jahre Viking'), World's Largest ship, I think
Length: 458.4m

1mppexisttyphoonsub.gif (1632 bytes)
Typhoon Class Nuclear Sub
Length: 175m