The images below are all exactly to scale, each pixel equals four square meters. Internet Explorer users may Click and Drag the starships to compare them as you like. Below are some contemporary vehicles and buildings for reference, scroll right and down for starships. Have fun!

Crysis Alien Ship
Alien ship from the amazing Crysis video game. Length is 3475m, taken from Sandbox editor.


Centauri Primus from 'Babylon 5', length: 1.8km, mesh created and rendered by Meurig


Space Slug
SDF-3 Pioneer

Omega Destroyer
EA Omega Destroyer

Space Slugr
Imperial Star Destroyer

Romulan D'deridex
Romulan D'deridex

Space Slug
Space Slug from Empire Strikes Back

Space Slugr
Macross Super Dimensional Fortress One (SDF-1)

Space Slugr
Species 8472 Bioship

Space Slugr
Vorlon Cruiser

Space Slugr
Shadow Cruiser

Space Slugr
EA Hyperion, length: 1199m, mesh created and rendered by Meurig

EA Shadow Hybrid, mesh created and rendered by Meurig


Space Slugr
Minbari Sharlin class cruiser

Minbari Tinashi class cruiser, mesh created and rendered by Meurig
Length: 850m

'Starplex' from the novel 'Starplex', written by Robert J. Sawyer
Diameter: 290m (main disk)

Battlefleet Gothic Cobra, image created by John Reed
Length: 1500m

Starship Andromeda, image submitted by Neil Bond
Length: 1301m

Babylon 5 Starships
Vree Xill
Vree Xill 500m diameter

Earth Force One 425m long
mesh created and rendered by Meurig

Vree Xorr 350m diameter

EA Whitestar 475.6m

Shadow Scout 356m

Drazi Sun-Hawk 350m
mesh created and rendered by Meurig

Drakh Raider 215m

Vorlon Transport 131m

Raider battle wagon 89m

3rd Space fighter 100m

Smaller vessels from 'Babylon 5',
to view in greater detail, click here
Star Trek Federation Starships

Sovereign 685m

Galaxy 643m

Niagra ??

Ambassador 526m

Excelsior 467m

Nebula 440m

Akira 440m

Freedom 430

Prometheus 414m

Challenger 390m

Centaur 381m

Cheyenne 362m

Steamrunner 355m

New Orleans 345m

Intrepid 344m

Wells 336m

Norway 335m

Yaeger 330m

Olympic 320m

Constellation 310m

Constitution II 305m

Constitution 289m

Norkova 290m

Curry 272m

Holoship 247m

Miranda 243m

Soyuz 243m

Sydney 235m

NX 225m

Nova 180m

Saber 172m

Vulcan T'Pau 170m

Oberth 120m

Defiant 120m

Daedalus 105m

Raven 90m

Klingon Starships

Klingon Negh'Var 682m

Klingon Vor'Cha 481m

Klingon Military Transport 256m

Klingon D-7 228m

Klingon K'Tinga 214m

Klingon Bird of Prey 109m

Cardassian Starships

Cardassian Keldon 481m

Cardassian Galor 481m

Cardassian Military Freighter 256m

Romulan Starships

Romulan Bird of Prey 131m

Romulan science ship 95m

Roumlan scout ship 89m

Bajoran Starships

Bajoran freighter 260m

Bajoran freighter 250m

Bajoran assault vessel 93m


Ferengi D'Kora 366m


Jem'Hadar battlecruiser 650m

Jem'Hadar attack ship 95m

Other Star Trek Alien Starships

Tamarian ship 700m

Promellian battlecruiser 600m

Tarellian ship 560m

Vidian ship 550m

Malon Export Vessel 515m

Krenim warship 500m

Krenim patrol ship 260m

Pralor vessel 450m

Karemma ship 380m

Zahl ship 360m

Son'A command ship 354m

Breen ship 330m

Nyhidron cruiser 310m

Jaheel's ship 300m

Batris ship 290m

Jovis ship 250m

Mawasi cruiser 245m

Talarian observation craft 220m

Xhosa ship 210m

Wadi ship 200m

Straleb security vessel 180m

Kazon raider 160m

Merchantman 150m

Hirogen Hunter ship 150m

Caatati ship 116m

Angosian transport 110m

Hideki ship 98m

Smaller vessels from 'Star Trek',
to view in greater detail, click here

Farscape Starships

Moya from 'Farscape', modeled and rendered by Meurig
Length: 650m


Talyn from 'Farscape', modeled and rendered by Meurig
Length: 300m at time of death

Starships from 'Alien' series

Length: 385m

Length: 243.8m
Various Starships

Rodger-Young from 'Starship Troopers' motion picture
Length: 550m

Plasma Bug from Starship Troopers
Plasma Bug from 'Starship Troopers' motion picture
Length: 40m+

Tanker Bug from Starship Troopers
Tanker Bug from 'Starship Troopers' motion picture
Length: 18m

Columbia Class
Battlestar Galactica 'Columbia', adapted from a schematic drawn by J. Stevenson.
Official Length: 610m, click here for an alternate length and discussion of the 'Columbia' size.

Rebel Medical Frigate from 'Star Wars' episodes V and VI motion pictures
Length: 300m

Rebel Blockade Runner (Tantive IV) from 'Star Wars' episode IV motion picture
Length: 150m

Rebel Troop Transport from 'Star Wars' episodes V and VI motion pictures
Length: 90m

Discovery from '2001, a Space Odyssey' motion picture
Length: 113m

Eagle from 'Space 1999' TV Series
Length: 68m

Smaller vessels from 'Star Wars' motion pictures,
to view in greater detail, click here

Mothership from 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' motion picture
Diameter: 525m (main disk)

Goa'uld Ha'Tak from 'Stargate', length: 1km
mesh created and rendered by Meurig

Real Ships/Buildings Most of these images were used with permission from the fine folks at

Station V from 2001 
Diameter: 300m
Ok, not a Real ship, but look over there ->  

The International Space Station 
Length: 80m  
I thought it interesting to compare where we thought we'd be in 2001 as opposed to where we are.  Kudos to the Space Station Team.

The Hindenburg, built in Germany in 1936 and later destroyed
Length: 245m

Boeing 747
Length: 70.5m

Stealth Bomber (B2-A Spirit)
Wingspan: 52.4m

Stealth Fighter (F-117A Nighthawk)
Wingspan: 13.2m
CN Tower
Height: 553.3m
Empire State Building
Height: 443.5m
King Kong
Height: 12.5m

Eiffel Tower
Height: 324m
Calgary Tower
Height: 190.8m
Amercan Regulation Football Field
Length: 109.7m
Statue of Liberty
Height: 93m
Appolo Saturn V
Height: 110.6m
Space Shuttle Discovery
Height with tanks: 56.1m
Leaning Tower of Piza
Stay Puft
Marshmallow Man
Height: 43m
Height: 100m
330 ton mining truck
Height: 7.5m

Peggy's Cove LightHouse
Nova Scotia
Height: 15m
Battleship Yamato, length: 263m

Blue Whale, length: 33 m

Knock Navis
Length: 458.4m

Typhoon Class Nuclear Sub
Length: 175m