Lesser Subdimensional Entity

True Name:
Written above in Psionic is the true name of this species: AHAZUZIATU, which means "Seizer in the Darkness”. AHAZU translates to Seizer, ZI is of, or in, and ATU is darkness.

Basilisks are approximately seven feet in height, although their crouching stance makes them generally appear much shorter.

Greek Mythology; Merrow Tale (2012) - B.A. Lee

Low in intelligence, yet possessed of a high degree of animal cunning, the Basilisk are larger entities famous for their use of the Paralytic Gaze. They appear to the Unseeing as a formless pillar of rough grey stone, and are often referred to by those with the Sight as Gargoyles for their ability to rest motionless for years at a time. It is for this reason that they are often employed by Elder Spawn or human Summoners as lesser guardians and watchmen. When animated, they appear as large bipeds with barbed forelimbs and a glowing red sensory orb. Their scaly hides range in color, and are very tough. They are capable of delivering severe damage with their fanged mandibles and hooked forelimbs, but it is their terrible gaze that makes them truly potent. The method by which humans and other lesser beings are influenced by the Gaze is poorly understood, yet it is extremely effective. The red eye is employed to mesmerize and hypnotize the potential prey, who, once so affected, is then seized by the vicious forelimbs and drawn towards the writhing mass of stinging sensory tendrils that adorn the ventral aspect of the being. Once struck with multitudinous agonizing stings, the prey is wakened from their trance only to find themselves completely paralyzed by the Basilisk's Subdimensional venom. Like a huge spider, the Basilisk will eventually drain the essential essence of their paralyzed victims, leaving only a Husk in their wake.

They are considered to be lesser Entities in spite of their formidable strength and large size chiefly due to their low intelligence and placid nature when not aroused. Indeed, one such being was even found to have been incorporated into the foundational masonry of a certain Shoreham structure that had been innocuously built around it. The sacred chest that it was charged to guard was buried beneath it and had not been disturbed during the construction process. Thus the being sat motionless and indifferent while stone walls were built around and above it. It was not until decades later, when hapless new owners attempted to add an expansion to their property, that tragedy struck, with the resulting collapse of the entire structure and accompanying demise of workers and property owners. To this day the property remains an abandoned jumble of broken stones and masonry that is gradually being reclaimed by the forest. The fate of the Guardian, and the Chest, is unknown.

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