Creeping Horror
Minor Interdimensional Entity

True Name:
This parasite is named in the Ancient Language RABESULPULGAL, or "Creeping Horror". RABESUL is to creep, and PULGAL is horror.

Extremely variable. They range anywhere from six inches to three feet long, although some very rare specimens have been observed to reach a length of nine feet.

Merrow Tale (2012) - B.A. Lee

Subdimensional larvae come in a multitude of forms. It is not known what adult form this voracious specimen will eventually take, but true to their name they spend the duration of this stage of their existence as a writhing, ravenous, stinging horror.

The sting of these particular entities is a painful paralytic, which will render a victim unconscious after a few agonizing moments. Once immobilized, the Creeping Horror will invisibly attach itself to the host and ingest vital fluids via its rows of pointed teeth. Generally, these attacks are not fatal, and the victim will wake a short while later with a stippling of small puncture wounds in clusters on the fleshy areas of their person. These wounds are not tremendously painful and resemble small insect bites, which often heal quickly.

Unfortunately, Creeping Horrors are often accompanied by Flying Polyps, although they are not suspected to be larval Polyps. It is thought that the relationship is symbiotic.
Creeping Horror

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