Mask of Ammut

Here the Entity Nyarlathotep is adorned with Subdimensional Technology designed to invoke mass hypnosis in lesser beings. In this guise, it has often been associated or confused with the Egyptian demon Ammut, who is also called the "devourer" or "soul-eater".

The Mask appears as a kind of gruesome pharaonic mask redolent with ancient Egyptian symbolism, and is thought to have influenced ancient Egyptian design and culture. Indeed there is evidence that, using this technology, this entity has terrorized humanity since pre-biblical times. In ancient imagery, the Mask of Ammut is sometimes portrayed as a great pyramid floating above a terrified populace, in other images, it is a mask worn by a pharaonic figure of presumably human size and proportions.

It has been associated with various Pharaohs and has appeared in more modern times in conjunction with a tall, dark skinned man dressed in pharaonic garb, undoubtedly an ascendant human who has been inhabited by Nyarlathotep.

This being is known to have legions of devout followers who are given access to alien technologies and knowledge of magical things. It is through these followers that the being has procured significant influence over human endeavors. Often, the followers of this being gradually lose awareness of the world around them, and are caught in a kind of trance from which they never wake.
Mask of Ammut

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