Star Spawn Drone
Pupal Star Spawn

True Name:
Written in Psionic above is the word “MiGo”. This word can roughly be translated as “servitor”.

Six to eight feet long.

Whisperer in Darkness (1931) - H.P. Lovecraft

Drones resemble huge blind worms that range in size from a small cat to a horse. Their wormlike torso ends in an eyeless, wrinkled head and two pairs of long bony arms. They are hairless but for some sensory whiskers along their dorsal plate. There are rows of gland-like sacs along their abdomen. These glands produce a viscous slime and clouds of reeking acidic vapor which is constantly emitted from the Drone’s multitudinous abdominal orifices. They have no legs, but advance slowly over any surface on a trail of slime in an undulating, slithering motion. In spite of their slug-like appearance, they are very fast when provoked.

Their bulbous heads are adorned with a cluster of writhing mandibles that are lined with rows of razor sharp teeth. Each mandible is tipped with a pointed injector fang, with which they pierce their victims and inject their highly corrosive digestive enzymes. Once their victim has adequately liquefied, they are ingested in liquid form. While the Drones appear to have no eyes, they are possessed of a keen sense of hearing and smell, and other senses incomprehensible to humanity.

In addition to paralysis, bites and scratches that are delivered by these creatures often leave wounds that quickly fester and are slow to heal.

Despite a lack of eyes, they abhor all light and cannot endure sunlight, which will cause them to immediately wither and burn into dark viscous mass that quickly evaporates into nothing. It is for this reason that they are seldom seen above ground. However, these aromatic entities flourish deep below the earth in great writhing masses in the Biolord spawning pits. The Drones are only semi intelligent, and they often are left to feed on offal and carrion, which they gather in great stinking heaps in their lairs. They hunt aggressively and will feed on anything, including other Star Spawn, but when they detect the scent of mammalian flesh they will converge in frenzy. Conversely, they are as like to be devoured by their parents as to ascend to more evolved states of being.

Drones have been encountered several times throughout history, and are often sent on errands in the dark of night by their Elder Spawn progenitors.

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