Jubilex - The Faceless Lord

I drew this image to supplement an AD&D adventure that I was creating. The being is from Monster Manual I, Gary Gygax: "There is no question that this is the most disgusting and loathsome of all demons. Juiblex is foul and nauseating in the extreme, reclusive and resentful of intrusion by any form of normal creature. He surrounds his person with oozes of all kinds. Juiblex has no set form. He takes the form of a 9-foot tall column of ooze, striated in disgusting blackish greens, foul browns and yellows, and sickly translucent grays. From this mass protrude several glaring red eyes. Juiblex can spread himself into a vast pool of slime or rise in a towering column of disgusting ordure 12 or more feet in height."

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