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“The Old Ones were, the Old Ones are, and the Old Ones shall be. Not in the spaces we know, but between them, They walk serene and primal, undimensioned and to us unseen.”

- H.P. Lovecraft


This guide is intended to lift the veil of occult and mystery that surrounds the study of Interdimensional Entities by encouraging a scientific approach to the subject without the necessity of adorning a Mask of Temperance, as pictured at right. True, the Mask enables the wearer to see well into the Subdimensional realms, but at the inconvenient loss of their eyes, ears, and free will. Thus, we will proceed along more mundane path towards Subdimensional enlightenment, in spite of the many challenges this presents.

Subdimensional taxonomy is indeed a challenging pursuit, given the difficulties with being able to actually observe the various beings in natural light, the impossibility of studying deceased individuals, and the tendency for anyone conducting study to become subservient to the will of the Great Old Ones and become part of said taxonomy. Nonetheless, I have carried on my grandfather’s work in order that this arcane knowledge does not become lost.

Classifications of Subdimensional Entities:

Thus far, Subdimensional Taxonomists have been able to determine that the beings fall into five broad categories, as defined below:

1. The Great Old Ones and the Outer Gods – Powerful unique entities from the Subdimensions described in Chapter I

2. Ascendant beings – Humans or other intelligent beings infected with Ascendancy. They are described in Chapter II.

3. Merrow – An ancient race of Ascendant aquatic humans. They are described in Chapter III.

4. Star Spawn and their Masters – The races of Yuggoth and beyond the stars. Described in Chapter IV

5. Other Subdimensional Entities – Bizarre creatures great and small from the Subdimensions. Described in Chapter V

Common Traits of the Subdimensional Entities:

These beings vary fantastically in form and temperament, and will be described individually in detail in the following pages. However, before we delve into the details of each individual entity, it should be noted that they appear to share some traits in common. These traits are described below:

Invisibility: Most of these beings are not entirely visible in the traditional sense, but rather are merely phantoms when seen by the Unseeing, or even adept Summoners. Some beings are completely invisible, and some are mostly corporeal, and some transition between these states. As a rule, practitioners should assume that any of them are difficult to see under normal terrestrial lighting conditions. Furthermore, many of the entities appear to employ a natural ability to emit a smokelike shroud of darkness, with which they blend themselves into the shadows and disguise themselves from observation. While in this phantom, non-corporeal, smoky state of being they are more than likely to be mistaken for deep shadows. Finally, many of these beings are able to manifest into various forms; however all of them have one True form, described herein.

Weaknesses: All Subdimensional beings appear to be very sensitive to silver and iron, some extremely so to the extent that the mere physical presence of silver will cause them great discomfort, while actual physical contact will cause them to immediately burn and dissolve. This is especially true of the Star Spawn. Ascendant beings, given their physical connection to our world, seem to be more resistant.

True Name: Utterance of an entity’s True Name in the ancient Psionic language will reveal their True Form as detailed in this manuscript. Such utterance, if performed correctly, will also provide the speaker with a measure of control over the Summoned entity.

Death: Upon death or physical destruction, most entities with devolve into a writhing mass of boiling flesh, and will quickly be reduced to a vaporous, slimy, ooze, which within moments fades away to nothing, leaving only the withered remains of the humans they once were, if applicable.

Animals: All creatures of nature appear to be very sensitive to the presence of Subdimensional Entities. They generally react in fear, or are at least are aware of them on a level different than all but the most sensitive humans.

Psionic Abilities: Subconscious interaction, hypnosis, interaction and communication in dream states are abilities that most Subdimensional entities share.

The Subdimensions:

The Subdimensions are the realms from whence these beings originate. The true nature of the Subdimensions is not well understood by any human. It is has been postulated that the ephemeral connections between our realms are the result of some strange technology developed by the Star Spawn, or even the Great Old Ones. There is evidence that these beings have developed a method by which huge distances of space and time can be travelled instantaneously, allowing a being to exist simultaneously in our realm and that of some vastly distant world.

Another hypothesis holds that they are not residents of this universe in any capacity at all, but are rather the inhabitants of an adjacent universe that exists in simultaneous space and time to our own, and that they have found a way to reach through into to our dimension.

The Watcher in the Darkness indicates that the mathematics revolve around a theory known as Subdimensional Hypertopology, which utilizes mathematical formula combined with arcane ritual in order to open points of convergence between our realm and the Subdimensions. Star Spawn mathematics employs a base twelve notation and usually resolves to no comprehensible solution by any human standards of mathematical theory. Their technology renders space and distance as we know it as inconsequential; everywhere is near to them, relative to our understanding of space and time, and they are always around us.
Mask of Temperance

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