Greater Subdimensional Entity

True Name:

Cthulhu is immense. I have indicated it as being about 90 meters in height, based on careful review of the text and analysis of the size of early twentieth century steam yachts.

The Call of Cthulhu (1928) - H.P. Lovecraft

This being is representative of an ancient race of gigantic Greater Subdimensional Entities which once flourished throughout many dimensions. They appear as a great convalescence of Subdimensional matter that takes the form of the hideous, gargantuan being drawn here. Some records imply that several of them are imprisoned deep in the earth's crust. Who or what sought to imprison these creatures in not known, but the nature of the structures from which the beings emerge is certainly nothing contrived by human endeavor. It is surmised that these crypt-like structures were embedded deep within the crust of the earth several million years before the onset of humanity.

There is some evidence that several ancient Human civilizations had encounters with these beings, usually after massive deep sea eruptions. In every ancient culture they were associated with cataclysm, and were often named for destructive events or weather patterns. For example, the Babylonians named them for the destructive North wind. Below is a translation of one of the earliest recorded references to these hideous beings:

"IMHULLU, our Lord and benefactor, the atrocious wind, the tempest, the whirlwind, the hurricane, the wind of four and the wind of seven, the tumid wind, worst of all".

While these beings are generally thought to regard humanity with utter insignificance, the reverse is not true. During the last instance of contact with one of these beings, when an enormous undersea volcanic eruption caused an alien crypt to briefly emerge from untold depths, the lines between true brilliance and insanity became blurred in the populations of the earth. Weaker minds, sensitive to the presence of powerful Interdimensional Presences, participated in dark rituals and heinous deeds in the name of the Great Old Ones, while the genius of the most creative minds harkens to their presence in the form of grotesque artistry, sculpture, and written word.

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