Chapter IV: The Star Spawn Beings from Beyond the Stars Lords of the Migo and Denizens of Yuggoth

The Star Spawn comprise numerous intelligent races who are able to trace their origins beyond the stars.

There is archeological evidence in Antarctica and other remote locations that these beings inhabited the Earth millions of years before the onset of humanity. According to the evidence, the various races and castes of Star Spawn inflicted war upon one another, with cataclysmic results. This conflagration may be why some of the Great Old Ones such as Cthulhu lie imprisoned in the crust of the Earth, a punishment for past deeds, or a protective measure.

One of the races of Star Spawn that features prominently in the Necronomicon are the Masters of Dark Knowledge known as SHARAGHUL in the Psionic Language. These Elder Star Spawn are a race of beings who share an important relationship with the Great Old Ones. They are natively Ascendant. They serve as high priests and acolytes in the profane religions of the Star Spawn. They are skilled in the use of Subdimensional technology, and are thought to be responsible for the rituals that bring the Blessing of the Great Old Ones to those who become Ascendant.

They are seldom visible to the Unseeing, although they can choose to appear in nightmares and are able to influence human endeavors through dark thoughts and visions. They are most different from the Ascendant Ones in that they require no vessel of living flesh to anchor them in our reality, and are thought to appear to us in their natural form. Iron and silver are anathema to them, burning them on contact.

They are completely amphibious, and are comfortable in both fresh and salt water aquatic environments. Sunlight causes them great harm, burning their unprotected flesh instantly. As such they are seldom seen above ground, or in arid environments.

All castes of Star Spawn share a common general anatomical structure; their wormlike torso is adorned with four or more skeletally jointed clawed upper appendages and rests atop a serpentine mass of muscular locomotive tendrils. The heads of the various stages are a cluster of fanged mandibles and sensory organs. Each stage has differing number of eyes. They range in size from a small cat to the apparent mass of a large elephant.
Star Spawn

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