True Merrow
Interdimensionally afflicted humans

True Name:
The Merrow have no true name in the Psionic Language, although certain powerful individuals have earned a Psionic name (see Dagon). The word 'Merrow' is derived from Gaelic, and is primarily used by the creatures of Shoreham in reference to themselves. Elsewhere, Merrow are also known as Deep Folk or Deep Ones.

On average, these beings are roughly the size of an adult human, although they appear to grow slowly throughout their long lives, and several enormous specimens have been encountered. One such being is thought to have engendered the ancient Cult of Dagon, who revered the creature as a lesser god.

The Shadow over Innsmouth (1931) - H.P. Lovecraft

The example portrayed here is one of very advanced progression, with scaled skin, bulbous eyes protected by nictitating membranes, and rows of sharp teeth within a wide mouth. The limbs end in webbed appendages, and hair has been replaced with finlike protrusions. At this stage, the individual has become completely amphibious, comfortable in even the deepest ocean environments.
Curiously, they appear to be unaffected by the sensitivity to solar radiation that is inherent in their Ascendant brethren. In fact, they are often mistaken for harbour seals, given that they are sometimes observed to be sunning themselves on remote rocky shoals and beaches.

They are at home in the Oceans and rivers, and are graceful and powerful swimmers. When seen on land, they generally wear heavy cloaks, and move about with an awkward gait due to their shortened legs and large webbed feet. They speak their own language and that of the Star Spawn Biolords, and some can, with difficulty, approximate human languages. They will sometimes interbreed with humans, producing hideous offspring who wander the coastal villages.

Alone, a single Merrow is generally non-threatening, but Merrow are considered to be very dangerous in large groups.
Deep One

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