Half Merrow

True Name:

They are generally the same size as humans.

The Shadow over Innsmouth (1931) - H.P. Lovecraft

These creatures are the result of the union between the Merrow and unAscendant humans. They are often produced during bizarre rituals that take place in honor of the Great Old Ones, and can be either male or female. Their degree of aquatic mutation varies greatly from individual to individual, and often becomes more pronounced with age. The creature depicted here has retained much of her humanity, although her radiant silver eyes, the dark markings on her minutely scaled skin, her webbed hands and feet, and gills along her ribs betray her origins. She is the daughter of one of the notable village elders. Beings such as this have often given rise to myths about sirens, mermaids, and other oceanic mythological beings as they are often in the habit of enticing fishermen or other ocean going humans into the water, where they are robbed of their valuables and eaten.

The closer the generation is to their true Merrow roots, the more comfortable they are in the ocean, some never coming to the surface for the duration of their long lives. As in my case, subsequent generations seem to quickly lose their oceanic attributes, yet often maintain some small reminder of their aquatic heritage, such as webbed toes or translucent skin.

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