Merrowborn Elder
Second or third generation Merrowborn

True Name:
Thomas Mullen

They are generally the same size as humans.

Merrow Tale (2012) - B.A. Lee

While the youthful Merrowborn often delight in the sport of waylaying and devouring oceangoing humans, the elders are not without a certain degree of sophistication and even culture. The gentleman pictured here greatly assisted me in my research, and it was he who introduced me to the Star Spawn Watcher who so greatly assisted in the translation of this text.

Thomas Mullen was not pure Merrow, and told me that at very least his mother had been completely human. As such, his progression towards the shocking appearance of his pure Merrow brethren was tempered, and perhaps he would never resemble them completely. Successive generations of Merrowborn would dilute this mutation even further, and he informed me that some of his great-great-grandchildren could pass for human, if you were inclined to ignore some minor gills and webbing.

Similar to true Merrow, Merrowborn are very long lived. Thomas regaled me with tales of his youth, when he and his brethren would torment British, then American ships as they passed through the area early in the nineteenth century.
Merrowborn Elder

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