Degenerate Merrow; F. Johnson

True Name:
None, unique degenerate Merrow.

He is approximately seven feet in length; fully extended (This length is variable; his legs stretch and contract in slug-like fashion as he moves.)

Merrow Tale (2012) - B.A. Lee

To the Unseeing, Fred appears as an obese, wretched cripple, a figure of bloated corpulence and filth. He speaks crudely accented approximations of several human languages, laced with the vilest profanity imaginable. Before Ascendancy, he was reputed to have set fire to the powder magazine of a privateer schooner on which he served as a Lieutenant, rather than see it captured by the British. The ensuing explosion took the life of twenty-nine men, and cost him the use of his legs. He was rescued into Ascendancy by the Merrow, and is now known as “Fat Fred”, serving a cook in a local establishment.

To those with the Sight, he is a hideous Merrow, who pulls himself along the ground with thick, twisted arms. He drags his atrophied, boneless legs behind him as he crawls painfully over the land. His pallid flesh, vacant eyes, and withered legs give him a wretched, piteous demeanor, which is enhanced by his slack expression and his, drooling, gibbering mouth. Do not be fooled. He is fearsomely strong, and often drags along with him a viciously barbed scythe which he delights in using to rend the flesh from his prey.

He is completely amphibious, and as with other Merrow is able to tolerate sunlight, although he prefers the darkness. In the water he is a true horror, and swims with terrifying speed and alacrity, delivering savage bites with his enormous mouth lined with rows of long, pointed teeth.
Lt. Fred Johnson

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