Spiny Sea Demon
Feral Merrow

True Name:
ALU SHUHADAKHU, which roughly translates to “Barbed Demon”. ALU is used interchangeably to mean either demon or spirit, and HU is lesser, which in this case implies a diminutive of the word SHUHADAK, for sword, or bladed weapon.

Spiny Sea Demons range in size from four to six feet in height.

Merrow Tale (2012) - B.A. Lee

The Spiny Sea Demon are another feral form of degenerate Merrow. They are considered to be lesser cousins of the true Merrow, and are shunned and chastised by their more advanced brethren. They appear as hunched, twisted, skeletal fish men, whose forelimbs have degenerated into grasping clawed appendages, much like some kind of aquatic praying mantis. They are completely amphibious, but prefer the aquatic environs of swamps, marshes, and the deep ocean where there is little sunlight. They are thin, wiry creatures, and are strong, capable swimmers. Their scaly hide is adorned with hundreds of barbed protrusions, which makes any kind of close contact with these beings dangerous and unpleasant. They are of limited intelligence, but can be easily coerced by weak Summoners into a variety of simple tasks, such as intimidation and retrieval.
Feral Deep One

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