The Dunwich Horror
Natively Ascendant Being

True Name:
DUMGAL ZI is written in Psionic above, preceding the name of an ancient and powerful Interdimensional Entity: YOG-SOTHOTH. DUM translates to 'Child', while GAL elevates child to greatness, implying scion or prince. ZI is the conjunction of or in, and the name of the Entity follows. Thus we have the Prince of YOG-SOTHOTH.

The creature was immense, barely contained in the massive barn that was its final home before the tragedy at Dunwich. I estimate its final size to be approximately 20 meters in height.

The Dunwich Horror (1928) - H.P. Lovecraft

Where Wilbur retained much of the semblance of his mother, the Great Prince harbored only trace vestiges of humanity in the great face that adorned its writhing mass. It achieved its enormous volume by draining the life fluid from countless cattle that were fed to it by its human family. Only semi-corporeal, it was not visible to nonascendant humans, but was anchored enough in our dimension to be able to wreak physical destruction when it finally escaped captivity in 1928. To those Gifted with Sight, it resembled a mass of tentacular appendages, sensory organs, and feeding tubes which crawled along the ground upon a series of muscular pseudopods.

My grandfather writes:

“During my extensive correspondences with J. Whateley, and later his grandson W. Whateley, I was able to share with that learned family what I had learned from the Star Spawn Watcher, and as a result was eventually invited to their home in Massachusetts. These visits proved to be immeasurably enlightening and helped to significantly further my research into Interdimensional Entities. The elder Whateley took great interest in my ability to observe the beings of the Subdimensions without the aid of the powder of Ibn Ghazi or other arcane devices. I was thus taken into his confidence and allowed to create the rare image of his grandson Wilbur which I have included in the following pages. In turn, I instructed them in the use of the Psionic alphabet of the dreaded Necronomicon, with which they began to record their great works. The success of that endeavor yielded an invitation to observe his most gifted progeny, whom I have drawn here. Sadly, Old Whateley passed away not long after this image was created, but not before he imparted to me many of the greatest secrets of Interdimensional Science.”

Dunwich Horror

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