Wilbur Whateley, Spawn of Yog-Sothoth
Natively Ascendant Being

True Name:
Wilbur had presumably not earned a True Name before his untimely death.

Wilbur had reached a height of almost 9 feet upon his death.

The Dunwich Horror (1928) - H.P. Lovecraft

This individual was the younger of the twins spawned from the union of Ms. Lavinia Whateley and Yog-Sothoth.

My grandfather writes:

“I had the fortune to first meet Wilbur and his brother in 1923, when they were mere boys of 10 years of age. I had been afforded the rare honor of being invited into the Whateley home, after having begun a correspondence with that venerable gentleman at the behest of the Watcher, who had determined psionically that provocative enquiries were being made into the nature of one of the most dangerous Supreme Subdimensional Entities.

The Elder Whateley was acutely interested in my studies, and we shared much knowledge over the course of several visits, until he passed away in 1924.

Wilbur was ever a dichotomy. Like myself, he was of two worlds, but unlike his brother there was more of him rooted in this realm. As such, where his comportment and demeanor at ten years of age were that of a learned man, he was in fact still only a boy. Being of two worlds myself, I felt I understood his plight. During my visits, he confided in me many of his frustrations and torments. While he was wary of dogs, who almost universally despised his presence, he found them fascinating. I had learned from the Star Spawn methods by which animals can be made to tolerate our Subdimensional smells, and our alien nature, and secretly gifted him with the animal that I have illustrated here. While his nature caused him to be detested, he really was in fact a mere boy, and the gift of a new puppy brought him immediate delight, as it would any child. Of course the gift was soon devoured by those aspects of his physiology and psychology more reminiscent of his father, but for a moment at least he was nothing more than a happy child.

I was greatly saddened to hear of his passing at a mere fifteen years of age, leaving his brother entirely unprepared for the summoning ritual that should have brought his father into our realm. Wilbur’s face and torso resembled his mother's Whateley roots, while his lower extremities harken in appearance to the nature of his Father.”

Wilbur Whateley

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