Ascendant Petitioner
Greater Ascendant Being

True Name:
Generally not applicable, although certain resilient individuals will earn a Psionic name as a result of profound Subdimensional insight and resulting Psionic powers.

The main body is approximately four to six feet in diameter, while the arms of the creature range between four and seven feet. There are reports of some vastly larger creatures, who may actually be an amalgamation of several of these beings.

Merrow Tale (2012) - B.A. Lee

This being is an excellent example of the result of a human whose mind touches that of a Supreme Subdimensional Entity directly.

When most humans open their mind to the contemplations of a Supreme Subdimensional Entity, or Great Old One, they are driven mad, or are reduced to the withered Husks. However, once in a great while a rare and worthy mind comes forth who is equal to the task. In order to accommodate even a modicum of the ascendant awareness of the Supreme Subdimensional Entities, the worthy petitioner must make the Ascension into a form that can endure the infinite profundity of arcane knowledge.

In this example, the cerebellum has physically enlarged to the extent that it has become an entity unto itself, and little remains of the petitioner but the vestiges of his face as he attempts with futility to maintain even a sliver of his original will and identity.

The large, globular body is supported by some mysterious means of levitation. Five vertical slits surround the body in a radial manner, which are constantly fed any manner of organic material as the being continuously grows in order to satisfy the physical requirements of the Thoughts of the Supreme Subdimensional Entities. Even so, most humans who are blessed with this form will eventually wither into Husks.
Ascendant Petitioner

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