Lesser Ascendant Being

True Name:
The Psionic Name of these wretched creatures is ALUNUNPU, or "spirit slave", or “slave demon”. At this stage, they are commonly referred to simply as “Ghouls”.

Approximately four to five feet in height, although their crouching stance often makes them appear shorter than this.

Ghouls were first mentioned in the Arabic tale "One Thousand and One Nights". Ghoul is from the Arabic "ghul", which is derived from "ghala", to seize.

Here is an example of the early stages of the Star Spawn engineered process of Ascendancy. This being has proceeded beyond most vestiges of humanity, and the pronounced division in the lower mandible and the additional joints the upper extremities that are common in their more evolved brethren are now quite evident. These beings are sensitive to sunlight in the extreme, and even shy away from synthetic light sources as if this causes them great pain. As with most Subdimensionally affected beings, it is thought that they are able to perceive the electromagnetic spectrum in a greater, or at least significantly different, range than base humanity, and as such seem to have no difficulties navigating through deep tunnels in complete darkness. At this stage they are semi aquatic, and can survive comfortably in salt water for long periods of time, however they appear to long for the occasional breath of air.

What intelligence they possessed in their earlier existence has mostly been replaced by a low animal cunning, which they employ to prepare crude ambushes in their underground lairs.

Interestingly, they appear to be able to detect human REM activity and enjoy creeping on sleeping victims with the intent of catching them at their most vulnerable.

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