Pit Horror
Greater Subdimensional Entity

True Name:
These creatures are known in the ancient tongue as SARGALZIATU, or "Great Kings of Darkness". SAR means King, or Lord, GAL elevates SAR to great, ZI translates to of, or in, and ATU is darkness. This particular Entity has earned a unique name which has been drawn below the image. A complex sequence employing the use of both the Species Name and the Unique Name must be employed in order to safely summon these beings. Knowing one Name without the other will result in an incident of transmutation into a Husk, or worse, a free roaming Pit Horror.

Pit Horrors are approximately eleven to thirteen feet in height.

Merrow Tale (2012) - B.A. Lee

This Greater Ascendant Being is the supreme example of the Blessing of the Great Old Ones. Exemplarily majestic, yet exuding of an air of seething menace, they are possessed of a herculean strength that is matched only by their brutal savagery. When not enveloped in their cloak of shadow, the true, terrible form of these beings is revealed: A mountain of bestial muscle and scaled, armored flesh. Massively barbed, hooked, and bony talons adorn their muscular limbs. Similar to the Basilisk, they are able to employ a Paralytic Gaze, with which it is able to mesmerize and hypnotize potential victims.

This particular Entity is truly ancient, and was already ravenously ascendant in the heart of Africa when humanity was nestled in its cradle. Encounters with this Entity have been recorded from ancient times from within the darkest jungles, where centuries ago tribes of savage cannibals paid bloody homage to this being and its veritable army of lesser servants.

Pit Horrors have all the powers of a lesser god in the Subdimensions, but are still subservient to the will of the Great Old Ones. This fact is vexatious to them, and care should be taken when broaching this subject during conversation with any beings of this level.

While the True Name of this being has been elucidated here, Summoning a being such as this is beyond foolhardy to all but the most powerful conjurers.

When their rage is unleashed, they are a force of elemental destruction. They are employed by the benefactors as the apparatus of supreme punishment, retribution, and war. The evidence of their wrath is likened to the waste of the worst tornados, hurricanes, and as savage storms often accompany their coming, their presence often goes unnoticed by outsiders in spite of the wanton destruction that they wreak. They can envelope themselves in flame or lightening, and cause terror or insanity in beings who gaze into their eye. They are kept chained in the deepest pits until needed, with chains forged of special metals infused with subdimensional technology.
Interdimensional Pit Horror

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